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Late last week we received the very exciting news that 9 of the academy members at Rochdale Sacred Heart’s had been selected to train with the 1st team, and that of those 9 one had actually been selected to play for the squad- 1st year student Shaun Whelan! This was particularly impressive given Shaun is only a 1st year, and academy manager Mike Holt confirmed that a promotion of this sort has never previously happened, but that it is great for Mike’s vision of RSH Academy becoming a feeder team for talent to progress up into the professional RSH league team. With that in mind how could we not head down to RSH and talk to Shaun and some of the other boys…. 
Massive congratulations to all of the boys in question! 
1. Liam Dawson 
2. Raf Lourenco 
3. Lewis Willman 
4. Aaron Longden 
5. Shaun Whelan 
6. Hamelton Cristovao 
7. Greg Dyl 
8. Sam Huszar 
9. Joe Weja 
Off the back of last week’s victory we jumped at the chance to go back to Salford Red Devils Academy and get a word with the man of the match; forward 2nd year player Sam Bardsley (circled in the team photo). It was a very busy visit as not only did we get to discuss the game with Sam, we also got the opportunity to sit in on a training session and observe the coaches in action! With so much to talk about it’s been tough to condense into one blog but we’ve done our best... 
Last Wednesday was the Rugby League game between Salford Red Devils U19's and Wigan Warriors U19's so we thought we’d sneak a little trip out of the office and go and experience some of the action firsthand...... 

The start of the gloomy November weather was brightened by the news that Rochdale Sacred Heart Academy had retained their 100% season record with a 5-0 victory over iSports FC, so here at Onside we decided to take a little trip down there and observe the academy in action (as well to heap a bit of praise on them!). 

by Jo Watson 
This week saw social media ring out the bells for International Women’s Day, and the world of sport was one of the key drivers in promoting positive messages and role models to support the campaign. 
by Jo Watson 
According to recent newspaper sources, broomsticks are fairly popular with our kids right now. 
by Jo Watson 
It’s October, which means if you’re a college student, you really should have settled in by now and be making the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. 
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