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Onside Education is delighted to offer the 1st 4Sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Netball. We will be running courses throughout the Academic Year, and locations will vary across Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Onside, guarantee to offer competitive pricing for this course, beating any other local provider. Keep checking this page! 
This qualification is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to enable you to coach netball to groups of adults and/or young people participating in either the modified or full game of Netball. The objective of the Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Netball is to provide a benefit to learners through an introduction into the principles/practice of safe, ethical and effective management and coaching of netball coaching sessions to adults and/or young people in an appropriate environment. 
This qualification is supported by the NSG for Netball comprised of the National Governing Bodies (England Netball, Welsh Netball and Netball Scotland) as the trade association and employers for netball. A range of technical experts from within the National Source Group for Netball have provided technical input in the development of this qualification. The qualification is also endorsed by the trade association for coaches, sports coach UK, as meeting its UKCC criteria. 
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The qualification is designed to prepare aspiring coaches for employment as a Netball Coach in paid or voluntary roles. It is appropriate for existing Netball Coaching Assistants (UKCC Level 1) wishing to further develop coaching skills and deployment opportunities in Netball. 
Commitment to this intensive course is key, and therefore, you must be available for ALL tuition and assessment dates, so check your diaries now! 
Awarded by 1st4Sport Qualifications, our course will provide those with an on-going involvement in netball with further development of their knowledge. The course will cover the effective planning, delivery and evaluation of netball coaching sessions. 
Building on the skills learnt in the Level 1 Certificate in Netball (a pre-requisite for this course), the Level 2 will provide coaches with a deeper understanding of the game and will introduce new themes such as approaches to different coaching styles and understanding players’ nutritional needs in performance and development. 


Our course is guided by an experienced and fully qualified Tutor/Assessor. The course format is split between an initial training periods of 5 full days, followed by up to 60 hours of non-directed applied planned coaching sessions within the club of your choice. You will then return to meet with your Assessor and course colleagues for a series of ‘support sessions/days’ arranged specifically to give you an opportunity to share and discuss the coaching sessions you have been putting into practice at your club and to help you prepare for your final assessment. 
The 1st4Sport Level 2 includes theoretical (classroom taught) and practical (coaching delivery) elements. 
Theory – Planning & Preparation 
The theory part of your course coaching sessions is a crucial element of your role as a coach. To support your theoretical understanding, Onside Sports Education will provide you with your own Personal Candidate Coaching Pack containing everything you need for the duration of the course and beyond. Your pack contents will include: 
1st4Sport Level 2 Coaching Handbook 
All course session and activity plan templates 
Internal and independent assessment tools 
Other 1st4Sport linked learning resources (CD-Rom/DVDs etc). 
Practical – Coaching Delivery 
You will play an active role in the coaching sessions delivered by your Assessor, and will also have the opportunity to coach your colleagues at points during the course, which will allow for your Assessor to feed back to individuals as well as the group as a whole. You will learn to coach the basic areas of ‘technique & skill’ and demonstrate an understanding of linking both of these elements to the principles of attack and defence through the use of practices and small sided games. 
Support Days 
In between the initial training period and your final assessment, you will return at a mutually convenient time to meet with your Assessor and your colleagues to take part in support sessions/days. These sessions will be vital in helping you address any challenges or questions you may have in the practical and theoretical aspects of the course before your final assessment takes place. The Assessor will also use these sessions to give you your final assessment topics, in order to give you time to fully plan. 
Your Final Assessment 
Prior to taking your final assessment, you will submit your completed course pack for review by your Assessor. Following this review, you will attend two full days with the rest of your course colleagues to take part in your own 35-minute coaching assessment, which typically comprises of a technical practice developing into a skill practice before finishing with you leading a small-sided game. Once all the coaching sessions have been completed, you will have a personal interview with your Assessor, who will inform you of the final outcome of your qualification and will discuss your action plan to develop further as a coach. 
Please note: Your final assessment can only take place if you attend all practical course dates in full (including support days), have your coaching pack completely up to date and have all other final assessment pre-requisites to demonstrate. 
What you will receive 
• Bespoke 1-2-1 tutorials 
• Unique reading aids, and learning material 
Upon passing the course, you will receive a qualification (accredited by 1st4Sport): Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Netball 


• £200 per person. * 
*Bare in mind that you will only receive your qualification once the whole course fee has been paid. 


• You must be at least 18 years old or over 
• You must hold the 1st4Sport Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Netball OR demonstrate significant coaching experience if not in receipt of this award and must be working with a team. 
• You must hold or be completing to gain the Level 2 Safeguarding & Protecting children & Vulnerable Adults Certificate. 
• You must hold or be completing to gain the Level 2 First aid Certificate (that covers basic life support as a minimum). 
• It is recommended that you have knowledge of the game of netball, or coaching in another sport at this level prior to accessing a programme of learning. 
You must be able to allocate at least 75 hours contact time to this qualification, taken from both participation on the course and from REGULAR coaching hours with a Netball team of your choice prior to final assessment. 
This course is open to anyone who meets the above criteria who wishes to further develop their coaching skills through a recognised coaching qualification. Typically, if you are a coach who has qualified at Level 1 or are an experienced player who is interested in branching out from simply competing to put something back into the sport, then this course will be ideal for you. 
The Level 2 qualification is also viewed commonly as the minimum requirement for budding coaches with aspirations to make coaching their profession. Those coaches wishing to progress to Level 3 and beyond must have attained the Level 2 qualification – so let’s get started! 


• Coaching Local Netball Clubs 
• Coaching at Schools 
• Coaching at Charity Events 


Our course application form is attached below. Please complete it as fully as you can (to speed up your application) and email it to info@onsideedu.co.uk
Please also use this form if you have any questions, or pick up the phone and call our team on 01257 278 131